London attack: Parsons Green bomb contained ‘mother of Satan’ explosive used in Manchester bombing

(UK INDEPENDENT) — The bomb that failed to detonate on a London Underground train contained the same powerful explosive used in the 7/7 attacks and deadly bombings across Europe, it has emerged.

Ben Wallace, the security minister, confirmed the homemade device contained triacetone triperoxide (TATP), known as the “mother of Satan”.

The moniker is earned by the instability of the explosive, which can be ignited by heat, friction, static or even movement, causing the deaths of several would-be bombers.

“The [Parsons Green bomb] used the type of explosive similar to that used in Manchester [but] it didn’t go off,” Mr Wallace told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme.

“We are trying to track down who did it, whether it’s a bomber or bombers…there’s potentially a very dangerous individual or individuals out there and we need to track them down.”

Salman Abedi, the Manchester Arena bomber, built his device using TATP and nails, while the explosive has been found mid-production in several plots across Europe.

TATP, which can be made in under a day using chemicals widely available on the high street, has become a hallmark of Isis attacks including those in Paris and Brussels.

The group claimed responsibility for attempted bombing in Parsons Green with a statement saying it was carried out by “soldiers of the caliphate”.

Mr Wallace said work was ongoing to prevent people buying the necessary ingredients and accessing bomb-making manuals distributed by terrorist groups online.

The Terrorism Referral Unit has taken down more than 250,000 pieces of extremist information down, he said, adding: “There is definitely more to be done.

“We take a lot down but sometimes these things reappear and we go at them again.”

The failed bomb may look crude but don’t write it off as amateur

The Independent was able to access the bomb-making manual believed to have been used for the device in Parsons Green – as well as the Boston bombings and other massacres – in under five minutes on Saturday morning.