‘We meet at Christmas in New York…soon’: ISIS post chilling image of a man dressed as Santa standing next to a box of dynamite in Times Square

(UK DAILY MAIL) — ISIS fanatics are sharing a disturbing propaganda image threatening an attack on New York at Christmas time.

The image shows Santa Claus standing on a low roof next to a box of dynamite looking out over a crowd of shoppers in Times Square.

The poster has the words ‘We meet at Christmas in New York… soon,’ written across it in black on white.

This is the latest chilling propaganda image warning of attacks during Christmas time across Europe.

Terrorists using encrypted communication channels have been sharing posters of London’s Regent Street decked out in Christmas lights, and Paris’ Eiffel Tower with a Christmas markets in the foreground.

Images of jihadists and blood have been superimposed on the holiday scenes, with a message in English, French, and German stating: ‘Soon on your holidays’.

Earlier today a poster emerged showing a terrorist overlooking St Peter’s Square in the Vatican with rocket launcher, along with a message urging extremists: ‘Do not hold back with your blood, the reward is paradise.’

The message warned that ‘the crusaders’ feast is approaching’, alluding to a Christmas attack the Catholic church’s holy city.

One poster shows a jihadi with a bloody knife looking out over a Christmas market with the Eiffel Tower in the background and the message ‘soon in your holidays’

Further threats: ISIS fanatics have also urged jihadists to attack Rome in an online poster showing a wolf overlooking St Peter’s Square

‘Their convoys will crowd itself in front of you prepare and plan for them show them the meaning of terrorism.’

Last week, a poster was shared online showing a masked figure driving towards St Peter’s Basilica in the with a gun and a backpack inside his car.

At the top of the poster is the message ‘Christmas blood’ with the line ‘so wait…’ written in red underneath.

The propaganda images are a chilling reminder of the terror attack on a Berlin Christmas Market last year.

Instructed by ISIS, Tunisian asylum seeker Anis Amri drove a truck into the crowds at the Christmas Market at Breitscheidplatz in Berlin on December 19.

A dozen people died, including the original driver of the truck who was shot by Amri when he hijacked the vehicle, and 56 others were injured.