List of Illustrations

1. The Kabah after reconstruction in A.D. 605
2. The torments of Hell
3. Muhammad humiliated while praying in
front of the temple
4. Muhammad is run out of Taif
5. The Pledge of Aqaba
6. Muhammad escapes from Mecca
7. The Yathrib mosque—Muhammad’s al-qaeda
8. Muhammad rejoices when the head of his
enemy is brought to him
9. The beheading of Nader al-Harith
10. Muhammad recruits an assassin at the mosque
11. The murder of Asma Marwan
12. The murder of Kab Ashraf
13. Muhammad wounded during the battle of Uhud
14. “Shall I cut of his head, Muhammad?”
15. Muhammad becomes enamored of the wife of
his adopted son Zayd
16. The torture-murder of Umm Qirfa
17. Muhammad taunts the Jews before attacking
18. The mass murder of the Qurayza Jews
19. Qurayza women and children witness the
beheading of their men
20. A man and woman stoned to death
21. The torture-murder of Kinana
22. Muhammad with Kinana’s wife Safiya
23. Jihadi Heaven—the dark-eyed virgins of Paradise
24. Muhammad destroys the idols of the Kabah
25. Muhammad assists God on the Day of Judgment