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The truth about Muhammad is one of the world’s best kept secrets, and the mainstream media seems determined to keep it that way.

Everywhere there is Islamic terror, there is Muhammad hovering in the background through his violent Koran verses and the example of the atrocities he committed against anyone who rejected him and his religion. Muslims are obligated to follow Muhammad’s Koran and his Sunna–the example of his behavior, which is top heavy with violence. Hence Islamic terrorism. But you would never know this if you watch CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, or read the New York Times, the LA Times or any of the weekly news magazines, among other mainstream publications. The violence of Muslims are the acts of “extremists,” declare these hiders of the truth. “They do not practice real Islam.” Not a mention of Muhammad. To the media, he is the Invisible Man.

Muhammad is coming! Muhammad is coming!

Muhammad is coming! Muhammad is coming!

Why is it the mainstream media have never given him the scrutiny they give Jesus, or mention him in connection with terror events? We can only speculate it is because of fear of reprisal, such as bombs going off in the lobby or maniacs with machine guns running through the newsroom shooting everyone in sight. Or even worse: fear of being accused of Islamophobia by Muslims and their fellow travelers! Maybe it is because of ignorance about what is really behind Islam, blindness about what makes these people tick. Probably a combination of these keeps the media from telling people what they need to know about this creature called Islam. Some education and some gumption are needed, ladies and gentlemen of the media!

Thank God for the blogosphere. There are many excellent websites now that focus on Islam and expose its fundamental evil by publicizing news of the vicious doings of the believers of the “religion of peace.” We intend to keep adding to our blogroll as we encounter them. But still we do not find many with news commentary that adequately explains why these followers of what Muhammad created do what they do. What is needed is contextualized news, news that connects the string of dots that stretch back 14 centuries.

The purpose of this website is to fill this gap and to draw the connection between current events and Muhammad. Why did the Charlie Hebdo massacre occur? Why does ISIS slaughter Christians, Yazidis, and others and turn their women into sex slaves? Why do they cut off hands and chop off heads? Why do they stick their index finger in the air while standing over people they have just slaughtered? Why do they bang their heads on the ground so feverishly that many of them end up with bruised foreheads?

Herein you will find the answers.

Understanding this connection between what Muslims do and Muhammad is of utmost importance. Islam is at war with everything that is not Islam, and it has been that way for 1,400 years of violent expansion. Now it is gearing up for another cycle of violent expansion.

How can you defend yourself unless you know your enemy?

Your enemy is not al-Qaeda, or ISIS, or Boko Haram. Your enemy is what is in the heads of these people and the man who put it there. Your enemy is Muhammad, and if you hope to defend yourself against what he created, you must defeat the mythology about him that sustains what he created. The mythology is that he was interface between God and man and through him God dictated His will in the form of the Koran and the example of Muhammad’s behavior — his Sunna. He was the ‘perfect man,’ the myth goes, the role model to follow to attain paradise. On the Day of Judgment he will be the intercessor with Allah and will use his influence with Allah to get people out of hell.

Debunking this nonsense can only be done by learning the facts about him and exposing them through every venue possible. It is the way and it is the only way to undermine what he created.

“You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free,” says the Bible. And we say here that spreading the truth about Muhammad will help keep you free. It is a weapon of self-defense, within the reach of everyone. Spreading the truth about him will have the benefit of stiffening spines around the globe and injecting resolve to push back what he created. The greater the number of stiffened spines, the more powerful the push back.

This website is devoted to exposing the truth about Muhammad. It is devoted to stiffening spines.