And now the made kids of Allah

ANYONE WITH KNOWLEDGE OF ISLAMIC literature has to be honest about this: There is nothing in the canonical literature that shows Muhammad recruited children to fight his battles. At the battle of Uhud and on other occasions youngsters ran up to him to volunteer, but he sent them away as too young. He made an exception or two for physically precocious boys, but the rest he sent home to Mama.

Muhammad was a mass murdering thug, an assassin, a plunderer, an enslaver—an evil man by any objective measure, and he unleashed a system of totalitarian evil that has plagued the world for 1,400 years. But ISIS, Boko Haram, and other groups that follow his example have managed to outdo their role model in evil, no small accomplishment: As recent videos show, they are now using mere children to do the dirty deed of slaughter.

ISIS just gave proof in a video showing a boy–not even ten years old from the looks of him– shoot two men who had been accused of spying on ISIS for the Russians. The boy was selected by ISIS as their executioner. After a bearded adult in military garb reads the accusations against the men, the boy steps forward and puts a bullet into their heads, and after they have slumped over, fires more rounds into them.

Boy in training to kill for Allah

Killer boy in training to kill for Allah

The video ends with the boy thrusting the pistol in the air in triumph. And why not? He has just made the most noble of the ranks of Muhammad’s followers. He has become a killer in the cause of Allah, a made man of Allah with a guaranteed spot in paradise. No wonder the child’s face is so joyful. He believes everything his handlers have put into his head.

Hamas has a history of showing Palestinian children with suicide belts strapped to them, and there are videos galore on the Internet of the children of Gaza repeating the hate speech of their elders against Israel and Jews and America; young Palestinian teenagers have blown themselves up in suicide missions. But even Hamas has not yet videotaped and publicized such a cold-blooded crime committed by one of their children.

The MEMRI video linked above is the most complete version of the crime. The first part shows the interrogation. We don’t see the interrogator, we only hear his voice. He is speaking Russian, and the two men speak Russian as well. Their names are given. The first is Mamayev Jambulat of Kazakhstan, pudgy, round faced, clearly nervous. He said the FSB—the Russian intelligence agency—threatened him into spying on ISIS, but no details

The same boy shooting a Kalashnikov

The same boy shooting a Kalashnikov

about this are given. His mission was to get close to a certain person, presumably someone the Russians considered of importance within ISIS, and inform the FSB about him. He was also to gather information about fighters from Russia.

The other man is Sergey Ashimov Nikolayavich, bald on top, intense eyes, and with a severe facial tick that betrays the stress he is under. He said he had worked with Russian intelligence for eight months. He was sent to gather information about Russian fighters in Syria and to determine the place of residence of an Islamic State leader. His mission was to kill him. He admits to gathering information about fighters (presumably Russian) and sending the intel back to Russia. He has a message for would-be spies: “I was a Muslim before this, and then I handed brothers over and thereby became an apostate….and I direct my message to those who want to come here and spy. I say to them, ‘repent to Allah now before it is too late.’”

The boy shoots the captives in the head, then fires more rounds into them

The boy shoots the captives in the head, then fires more rounds into them

The video cuts to a desert scene and both are on their knees, their hands tied behind their backs. They appear resigned to their fate. They were lapsed believers but have found their faith anew, and their faith requires they pay with their lives in order to spare them the fires of hell. This was one of Muhammad’s ideas that he indoctrinated his followers with: Allah was merciful with people who confessed their sins and accepted the punishment of this world–the punishment Muhammad imposed. By going through punishment in this life, Allah in his mercy would spare them the punishment of hellfire in the hereafter.

Thus they wait with apparent calmness for redemption through execution.

Perhaps in denial that such an atrocity would be allowed even by the likes of ISIS, some people have questioned the authenticity of the video. They cite the lack of blood that you would expect to spurt out of the heads of the men as proof it was staged. The bullet is supposed to go clean through the

A sweet face, but a mind crammed with hatred for people who refuse to believe the nonsense that Muhammad claimed about himself.

A sweet face, but a mind crammed with hatred for people who refuse to believe the nonsense that Muhammad claimed about himself.

head with a spray of blood as it exits—certainly likely with a bullet fired from an AK-47, or even a 9mm handgun. You don’t see any blood here, but the impact of the bullet on the first victim is clear. Hard to fake something like that. What is likely is that given his slight build the boy was given a .22 caliber pistol for the job. Unless you look closely at the bore, such pistols all look the same regardless of caliber. Small calibers kill just like big calibers, but a .22 round seldom passes through the body.

ISIS has no reason to fake such a thing. The men confessed, the punishment was death. ISIS is on a mission to terrorize the world because it has world conquest as its ultimate goal. Its adherents follow the methodology of terror Muhammad perfected 1400 years ago. It worked back then, and they believe it will work again today. Certainly nothing can be more terrifying than the sight of a mere child happily committing such an atrocity. Or speaking the following words: “I will be the one who slaughters you, O kuffar (infidels). I will be a mujahid (holy warrior), Insha’allah (God willing).

The cycle of indoctrination into Muhammad's cult continues

The cycle of indoctrination into Muhammad’s murderous cult continues

Muhammad had a genius for harnessing the energy of the dark side of human nature to further his cause of imposing his idea of God on people who resisted him. Islam is all about him and his Koran and the example of his behavior. His followers continue to harness the dark side of human nature in ever darker ways.

What you don’t know about Muhammad can hurt you. Find out all about him and you will understand why Muslims do what they do:

What you don’t know about Muhammad can hurt you. Find out all about him and you will understand why Muslims do what they do:

Because violence is central to Islam due to the fact it was central to Muhammad, it will never be possible to get rid of Islamic terror without getting rid of Islam, since Islam is all about Muhammad.

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