Here’s looking at you, Mo

MUSLIMS HAVE A BAN ON “DEPICTING” MUHAMMAD, and they have the cheek to expect everyone to obey the ban, Muslim or not. The general explanation is that images are forbidden because they could become objects of worship and therefore incite idolatry. For a Muslim, idolatry is the chief sin because it means worship of something other than God.

Of course, any non-Muslim with a lick of self respect would tell these folks to take a hike and would “depict” the Muslim holy man if only to show that they are not about to bow down to foreigners and their foreign ideas, particularly foreigners pushing something like Muhammad’s cult.

This is what Pamela Geller did in Garland, Texas, on Sunday that resulted in a couple of jihadi wannabes swinging by as the event closed and opening fire on security guards standing outside. They got what was coming to them — swift justice.

Winning entry in the Garland free speech event

Former Muslim Bosch Fawstin had the winning entry in the Garland free speech event

Muslims have another reason for their ban on “depicting” Muhammad and threatening people who do so, and it is likely the primary reason. It’s because they have something to hide about Muhammad. They don’t want you to get too close because what they are hiding about him is extremely disturbing. So they scream islamophobia, they threaten you, and they inspire wannabe terrorists to go after you if you venture too close.

What are they hiding is his rap sheet — his crimes of mass murder, assassination, plunder, enslavement, genocide, and others to his name. Crimes against humanity.

What you don’t know about Muhammad can hurt you. Find out all about him and you will understand why Muslims do what they do:

What you don’t know about Muhammad can hurt you. Find out all about him and you will understand why Muslims do what they do:

If I were a Muslim, I think I would want to hide this too. I would fear that these embarrassing events would discredit him as a prophet and call into question the validity of what he claimed about himself. I might even want to hide this from myself, or at least push it far back into the dark recesses of my mind so I don’t have to think about it. Who really wants to admit they worship evil?

Geller is a self-respecting American who has been at the forefront of telling these foreigners with their foreign ideas to take a hike, and she has been doing this for a long time. Her work is both an exercise in free speech and exposé, for the entries at the Muhammad depiction event were intended to draw attention to the evil that is at the root of Islam, which is to say, Muhammad.

If it had not been for the foreign intervention, the event might not have gotten much media attention. The aspiring killers did everyone a favor except to themselves by their intervention. Now people around the globe will be aware of the event. They will know its purpose.

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